About me

I have been working in the industry for over ten years and have been lucky to work on a good variety of theatre, film and corporate projects. One thread that runs through all my work is a passion for storytelling, for creating deep, layered characters, with their own unique perspective on the story being told.

In early 2018 I will be playing Jack Daw in 'Silhouette In The Smoke' - an immersive Victorian mystery, performing amongst the fascinating backdrop of Victorian pump engines at The Museum of Steam and Water in Kew.

Additional Information

London base - good transport links -

I am currently seeking both short or long term work and am flexible for auditions.

Please feel free to contact me directly via the form on the contact tab. Please contact Branded Talent for any commercial castings.


Review for - Trip's cinch -

Ben Hale is the sort of actor you’d get on a plane to go and watch. His portrayal of Trip in the opening scene is masterful. Good acting here combines with good writing to create a character that is fascinating in his egoism and his pathological need for control. Val and Trip are excellent foils for each other; the emotional Val losing control in the face of Trip’s cold determination to hang onto it, blowing up only when he cannot remember a name. Hale’s portrayal of the control-obsessed Trip is, in itself, wonderfully controlled. We see Trip’s insecurities coming out initially only in glimpses; the compulsive hand-cleaning, the playing cards; every physical attempt to maintain control points to an underlying unravelling just as every confidence Trip shares in fact conceals something about him and the story he claims to be telling.


Review for - Visits -

Ben Hale puts on a moving performance as the noble, big brother who struggles to support his sister. In the most powerful scene of the play, he displays great nervous energy as he paces about the stage interrogating his mother's boyfriend Hale's performance in this scene creates a tension that is tremendously gripping as he is plagued by the horror of what this man may have done to his sister. (ExtraExtra)


Reviews for - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest -

However, the climax is still an emotional affair, and special mention has to go to Ben Hale, who plays stuttering Billy Bibbett with brilliance not only at the end, but throughout the play. (Remotegoat)

Where "Cuckoo's Nest" truly succeeds, however, is in the acting Ben Hale's Billy Bibbett is particularly moving. (London Arts Blog)

and most of these are meticulously observed cameos, with Ben Hale as the tenderly vulnerable Billy Bibbett. (London List)


Review for - Lord of the Flies -

Ben Hale is a frightening bully boy a piece of stunning physical theatre this powerful production will leave you reeling. (Bexley Times)


Reviews for Mr String -

Mr String played by an engagingly bemused Ben Hale (Theatre Bubble)

...played by the highly capable Ben Hale (UK TheatreNet)


Additional Skills

Writing / Directing / Devising/ Improvisation (comic and dramatic) /Worskshop Leader - Facilitator/ Full & clean driving license /Roleplay, Forum & Corporate experience.